S'Whiz Ranch

Beauty Dee Clarks


Since a few years, after her sports'career in Cutting, she produces beautiful foals. She is a great mother.
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S'Whiz Ranch

Miss Cody Flash

She also does pretty babies. Her first one though, at the Ranch, will be next year!
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S'Whiz Ranch

Whiz Shine

A mare with an extraordinary sweet character. She is still young but promises to be a good mother. If one can tell from her behavior with the others foals.
She has been on work rest for foaling, these past 2 years. Knows all reining maneuvers, must resume training.
A true Reiner who likes to go and try some cows!
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S'Whiz Ranch

Cromed Diamond


Black is beautiful! This little mare is soon ready to start a training in Reining. She had her first foal in 2019.
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S'Whiz Ranch

Belle Doc Del Cielo


This BELLE has a stunning charisma and a strong personality, and a will to learn, almost too much for her age. And she has a great body: muscles, large chest and strong legs.

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In foal of Gambler Cat for 2020